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Becky Wheeler

The Yes-Project was founded and is run by Becky Wheeler.

But actually, the Yes-Project is about community and it’s run by us.

You are part of us if you are an individual or business who wants to be the most generous version of yourself. 

You are part of us if you have something you need, or want, or are dreaming of and you just need a little $50 boost to make it happen.

You are part of us if you are reading this website and are interested in what’s happening in this little experiment.

You’re in! You’re us!

We're just getting started

Check out what the Yes-Project has accomplished in our first two rounds of funding.

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It's always been my 'dream job' to be a philanthropist, whether my own money or someone else's didn't matter, just to help fund dreams. So I appreciate the chance to be a part of this!
First round funder
Thank you for putting this opportunity together - and for being my first official grant I've applied to as an artist!
First round applicant

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It’s gonna be fun!

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