Finding dreams again


How many times have you heard someone (most often a woman in my experience, but not always) say that she just doesn’t know what she wants? Maybe she’s talking about what to eat for dinner. Maybe hobbies. Maybe the next step in her career. Maybe choosing to stay or to go.

“You just have to decide and act” they say. “Follow your heart”.

But no one’s really telling you how to do that when your heart and mind seem silent. When you think you don’t really want anything.

More than a decade ago I tackled this for myself with a fruit blog called Fruit Maven. I had lost my inner voice for personal reasons and society reasons and just…reasons.

Over a few years, I tried over 300 different varieties of fruit and I decided one bite at a time: Do I like this? Do I want more of this? What do *I* actually think? What do *I* actually WANT?

Fruit was an accessible place to start that led me to today where my dreams are big and huge and my boundaries are strong and firm.

Turns out that in a very different way the Yes-Project is playing a similar role. $50 can be an entry point to open up the heart. 💛

Meet Laura.

She applied to use the money for a series of art classes at her local Creative Reuse art space. They provide a survey of 20th century women artists, focusing on women of color and women with disabilities.

Laura is 58, single, and an empty-nester and tends to work and go home and hibernate.

Here’s what she had to say:

“To tell you the truth I almost didn’t apply because I couldn’t think of anything to wish for, which is very sad. I’ve not been in wishing or dreaming or even asking mode for a long time so I felt I had to apply if only to prove that I’m not completely without desires. So I thank you wholeheartedly for the gift you’ve given with your Yes-Project.

Even if I’m not selected-I’ve won.”

And how it going since winning? Classes haven’t yet started but…

“My world is already opening up in new ways as I’m saying YES to different experiences as the opportunities present themselves.

Thank you for the ignition.”

What's next?
Finding dreams again
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