Lunch for lovebirds

Today’s story is about saying thank you when the gift someone has given you is currently beyond your ability to fully reciprocate.

I think she tells her story best. Here is a truncated version of her submission:

For the last year I have been unemployed. As I look for that next opportunity, my fiancé has been 100% supporting our family. That means paying all of the rent and not splitting it: house bills, cell phone bill, car insurance, groceries. Every single night he asks how I’m doing, what’s on my mind and if there is anything causing me stress that he can take care of. There are very few genuine and generous people like that in this world and I am beyond grateful that he is my person. If I received a grant I would use it to take him out to dinner for a change. Honestly if it wasn’t for him I would have had to move back home at the age of 38.”

Her way of giving back to her fiancé and their family has been by taking the lead on all household chores. Unfortunately she had to have an extensive and unexpected surgery that has made it impossible to give back to her fiancé in the same fashion that she was doing before.

So this micro-grant came at the perfect time…

These two lovebirds sent me a very sweet picture of them at lunch and this note:

“Thank you so much for one of the best dates that we have ever had! My fiancé cried when I read him what I submitted. He also said “I hope it’s crystal clear, that the only thing I expect in return is your love – this is what is best for our family and times will change, things will go up and down and when I’m down, I know that you will be my rock no questions asked”. It was a great lunch date – in a restaurant full of people, I swear we were the only ones there. Neither one of us looked at our phones – it was just us 1:1 and felt like we now have a deeper connection than we did before lunch. The check came and I was smiling ear to ear. He laughed and said I’ve never seen someone so happy to pay the bill! He also said he was very glad that I told him about the project because otherwise there is no way he would let me pay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating the Yes-Project. It has impacted me in so many ways that go far beyond the micro-grant, and for that I am forever grateful!!!!

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Lunch for lovebirds
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