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I’ve tried to create my own little community a number of times and have utterly struggled. It’s no small task! It takes vision, courage and persistence to say the very least.

Today’s micro grant recipient is taking on more than a new community, Nathan Young is working to create a whole movement to write a New Narrative for our times. He is systematically dismantling questions that arise when you reject some or all of the pre-defined path of: job, marriage, house, kids.

All the topics you aren’t supposed to talk about at holiday family dinners? Nathan brings people together and lays it out: sex, relationships, issues with men, making mistakes… And he does it by empowering and teaching individuals to articulate and tell their own stories with courage and grace. Our world couldn’t possibly need these conversations more.

I’ve been to a couple of his events and been truly inspired. Here’s one of my favorite bits from his website.

“We have an opportunity to redefine the narrative for our lives and shape it towards the path of a healthier, more equitable, fulfilling, and sustainable world.

What Stories Will We Write To Redefine Our Present And Future?

The New Narrative is a call to action. Our capacity for change has never been greater. By writing the stories now we can chart the path for the future we’re destined to live in.”

By winning the micro grant, it’s really an investment in the vision of the New Narrative but more literally it will help upgrade the presentation set up used for the storytelling workshops.

If you are in San Diego and are interested in learning more, go to:

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New narrative
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