Young mothers

In many ways the Yes-Project was me experimenting with the idea that giving is the equivalent of receiving. They are so intertwined in my mind that I have trouble sorting them out.

To give is to receive. To receive is to give.

I’m not sure I’ve experienced this more fully than I have in being a parent – a pup parent and a human parent.

One of our micro grants went to a young first-time mother who’s boyfriend is in rehab. She needed diapers and wipes and a new baby outfit for daddy’s graduation from rehab. Together, we funded this need and this celebration!

Another is from a mom of two little ones under five and another on the way. It’s been a hard season for this family and this mama just needed some self-love. She said this, “I would like to spend it on me (oh man that’s hard to write) and not on bills or children.”

She bought a lovely lavender plant to brighten her entry way and some hibiscus colored chapstick.

{Sidenote to say how much this delighted me. I know FULLY WELL the pleasure of a beloved chapstick! And the whining when I can’t find one.}

But then! She gathered more love to herself by buying flowers and the ingredients to make brownies for two different friends having birthdays that also needed a boost.

Giving is receiving. Receiving is giving.

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Young mothers
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