Oregon children in need

Today’s story is about an applicant who lives in a small town in Oregon that has a large population living in poverty. 

She took the microgrant and more than doubled it to provide the high school with 9 winter coats and the elementary school with 5 warm blankets and 32 pairs of size 8 underwear. The school needs that many size 8 because second graders have the most accidents and they seem to fit every second grader. 💗💗💗

They already had a significant pile of sweat pants for the kids to change into when needed. But as she got home she realized those sweats would soon signify a kid who had wet their pants. That wouldn’t do. So she went to a second-hand store and bought every single pair of pants they had in that size range and brought them back for the school.

Dignity matters so much.

She had this to say: “I knew I was supposed to do this and just hadn’t bothered. It was easy to sit in my chair and type the email to sign up for your grant. Because of you I got up out of my chair and did what was already on my heart, matching your funds plus some. Thank you!!!”

Next up, she’s planning to fill their shoe closet. 👣

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Oregon children in need
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