Special family night

This joint story is a fun one. These two applied separately.

She applied to get some particular items that had been sitting in her amazon cart for OVER. A. YEAR. Anyone else do this or is it just me and her? Ahem. 🤣

Her application was chosen by one of the other funders.

He’s an army man who applied to take his three boys to the movies.

So sweet! I love family movie days so I ended up choosing his.

After I emailed the winners, she wrote me back. Turns out they are a married couple living the tiny house life in an RV in the midwest.

She had this to say: “WOO! My husband is a winner too. He has literally NEVER won anything in his life. So, he’s very excited. You’re changing life trajectories.”

They both work crazy hours so they ended up joining the two microgrants together and had a well-needed family fun night. They took their kiddos on a toy picking spree, went bowling, had pizza and played together at the arcade.

Their night sounds sooo fun. I guess that amazon cart is gonna have to wait just a touch longer. This family is totally worth it. 💛

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Special family night
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