seated hula for seniors

Here’s a sweet and fun story that resulted from a microgrant in round one written in her own words:

“I used to be a hula dancer (performing, competing, and teaching), but a degenerative condition made me give up hula (and work and school and….) and it broke my heart. I thought that other people whose bodies no longer cooperate probably miss things like dancing, so I’ve been volunteering at a senior living facility teaching “seated hula,” no legs required.

My students all have stories about time they spent in Hawaii in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I have a collection of Hawaiian music from that time that has been copied from old records and digitized, and I’d like to make DVDs/CDs of the music for my students; it will end up being about 2 DVDs or 10 CDs per set and because I’m on Social Security now that’s not a negligible cost to me. I’d use the microgrant to purchase the blank discs – and some pretty ribbon to tie the sets together”

Her semester teaching at the senior center culminated this last week in a luau and she reached out with this update:

“I can’t thank you enough!! I made a few extra sets of the CDs and I gave them to a couple of ladies who came up to me with tears in their eyes to tell me about the memories the music had brought back…one showed me a picture of her late husband playing ukulele in 1960, and another had nearly forgotten the 6 months she and her late husband had spent in hawaii. Everyone who got the CDs was so excited to go back to their rooms and start playing them. It meant a lot to quite a few people, and I couldn’t have done it without this microgrant. THANK YOU for your project…it seems such a small thing, but you helped me bring music and memories to some ladies who really appreciate it”

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seated hula for seniors
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