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Her applications started out, “I need some nuts!”

I laughed and was intrigued.

It turned out she was applying to use the $50 Yes-Project microgrant funds to buy the tools she needed to start doing a specific type of rock climbing with a larger goal of leading women. I’m pretty much always on board for women who are passionate about leading women. YES! Moooooore, please.

She went on to explain, “I want to start trad climbing because I would like to eventually be a certified climbing guide (especially to help women get out climbing), and leading trad is a prerequisite. To lead trad, you need protection, and the that is expensive. $50 would help me get my first set of nuts and start my trad rack.

“I realize most of what I just wrote makes very little sense if you don’t climb. But, basically, I am on a mission to help women climb outside.”

After she was awarded the funds and got started, she sent me this photo of some of the gear and this awesome note:

“I hesitated a bit before applying for the Yes-Project because I thought other people deserved it more, and asking for nuts to start my trad rack seemed selfish. But receiving the microgrant made me realize what an important step this is for me in climbing. Starting my trad rack means I am ready to start being a leader and depending on myself and my skills, rather than just following someone else. And this mindset clearly goes beyond just climbing, but into other areas of my life as well.”

I can’t believe how often it’s a small shift in one area that opens up so much more.

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More Women Climbing
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