Functional beauty and delight


Today’s story is about a Buddhist teacher and translator (Tibetan to English/Spanish), who travels in the US and Asia often. She applied while in Nepal doing her heart-based work. She carries around plenty of paper, pens, and office supplies to keep her on schedule, log notes, and track projects. Her request was to purchase a beautiful Japanese pouch to carry her supplies.

I loved this part of her application:
“Do I need it? No, a paper bag would do, or the various serviceable but not particular beautiful things I currently use. Still, my Buddhist tradition values treating anything associated with the Dharma with reverence and care. And I love functional beauty. How it would make my heart sing to carry my supplies in this beautiful pouch, a visible sign of my inward wish to offer the best of me to all I encounter!”

I heard from her this week as she had received her Japanese drawer pouch from Hobonichi in Tokyo, along with this note:

“It is truly a thing of beauty, a simple luxury to take with and keep beside me in Dharma talks and translations, just enough to hold the essentials of my trade, and to make each act an offering. It feels as beautiful as it looks, silky soft and pillowy, and is a marvel of organization. It satisfies my rational and systematic side even as it thrills the poetic dreamer in me.

“So grateful to you for adding the presence of whimsy and delight to my days, that tingling sense of cheering each other on.“

This resonates so much as I just spent my day with piles of paper and pens and scratching notes to put my dreams for next year down on paper.

Yes! to whimsy.
Yes! to delight.

A deep-hearted YES! to cheering each other on as we enter this next decade.

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Functional beauty and delight
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