You did it!

Today’s microstory came in from a mother offering beautiful support to her daughter.

Here’s what this mama had to say:

”My daughter has had major anxiety issues over the past few years, to the point of complete withdrawing from public and family. She’s very smart and also very sensitive to the bullying and labeling and partitioning that goes on in high school. We pulled her out of school after her first trimester of 10th grade, in January of 2017, when she refused to even get out of bed for weeks. She turned 18 in March, and she has detoxed from her experiences and is blooming as a self-taught artist, though still living at home with me. However, since she didn’t graduate HS, she’s needing to take the GED tests. As a single mom of two teens, every little bit counts, and I’d love to be able to pay for the GED fees, as she’s sure she’ll pass all four of them. And having that done would allow her to qualify for jobs to start earning money to eventually support herself. We’re all learning all the time!”

She received the money last week and here’s the super chill 😉 message I received back a few days later:

“Ooooooooh looooooook at the attached screen shot!!! I just got this text from my daughter today after she took the last of the four GED tests! SHE DID IT!!!! She set herself these goals, she did the work of studying for and scheduling the tests and getting herself there (she dropped me off and picked me up at work so she could borrow my car for the day to get to the test), and she DID IT!!! Wahoooooooo!!!

I’m one super proud Mama right now!!!”


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You did it!
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