Applications for the second round of microgrants from the Yes-Project closed December 6, 2019. All 39 recipients were notified December 15, 2019.

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What are Yes-Project microgrants?

Yes-Project microgrants are an experiment in giving and receiving. They are an exploration of what a seed of $50 can do in the world for good.

So…they can be used for anything you want. ANYTHING*. 

  • You have an idea for creating beautiful jars elaborately decorated with puffy paint? Cool!
  • Want to host dinner for 8 of your closest friends and serve 26 types of cheese? Can I come?
  • Need to buy holiday presents for your kids or the kids down the street? Let’s do it.

If it’s a YES to you then it’s a YES to me.

You do not have to do something lofty. You do not have to be in great need. 

Check out some of the microstories that resulted from round one:

I’ve even received stories from individuals who didn’t win the microgrant who were inspired to create projects on their own. There’s magic in simply asking.

Why would we give money away?

You can read more about how the project started and about our founder on the About Me page, but the basic answer is that it feels great! It’s been more fun to see what people will do with $50 to help themselves or those around them, than it is to spend that same amount of money to buy tickets to a play or a dinner. It changes people. It sparks interesting conversations. It spreads goodness. It’s worth every penny. (And recipients never have to pay it back! Though I do recommend the internal beauty of finding your own way to pay-it-forward. Sharing the Yes-Project with others is one way to do that.)

If you want in on the fun of being a funder and choosing which microgrants you fund next round (or you can leave it to me), head over to our funder page where you can sign up anytime so we have a good starting point when we open the next round in 2020.

*The spirit of this experiment is goodness and reciprocity. Everyone involved (funders and applicants) is giving in some way and everyone is receiving.  So. . . Yes-Project microgrants can’t be used for anything illegal or harmful to others. Determining who is awarded a microgrant is at the sole discretion of the Yes-Project and its participant funders.

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