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Microstories from funders, applicants and sometimes both!

This is the Yes-Project community. 

Giving and receiving. Glowing with goodness that’s changing lives for the better. Little boosts that change the world.
Meeting needs, inspiring generosity and having fun!


You did it!

"She set herself these goals, she did the work of studying for and scheduling the tests and getting herself there."

More women climbing

"I am ready to start being a leader and depending on myself and my skills, rather than just following someone else"

Functional delight

“So grateful to you for adding the presence of whimsy and delight to my days, that tingling sense of cheering each other on.“

Lunch for lovebirds

" If it wasn’t for him I would have had to move back home at the age of 38."

Subversive poetry

"there’s something really special — almost subversively, defiantly fun"

Children in need

"I knew I was supposed to do this and just hadn’t bothered."

A healing step

"Thanks so much for allowing me to do something tangible with my grief."

Finding dreams again

"I almost didn’t apply because I couldn’t think of anything to wish for..."

Seated hula for seniors

"...other people whose bodies no longer cooperate probably miss things like dancing, so..."

A new narrative

"Nathan Young is working to create a whole movement"

Young mothers

"She needed diapers and wipes and a new baby outfit for daddy’s graduation from rehab."

Special family night

"He’s an army man who applied to take his three boys to the movies."


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It’s gonna be fun!

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